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Andy Honda Corbin Fisher

fic: crows movie ((Chapter 4 [2 / 3]))




Night was the favorite moment of Genji because she was quiet and allowed him to put his ideas in order. During the day I felt the need to be doing something, not to stop for a moment because if not bored, whereas more than one night had stayed up late doing nothing to look into the darkness leaving barely audible music reached his ears. When not out, was what he liked to do.

That night was no traffic when I was in the car with his father and a couple of those guards who drew two heads high and two wide. Each time they passed under a streetlight, the orange light lit them all up for shifts but no one looked at him and it was impossible to know anything about the whole affair that her father had insisted ed in teaching. Genji recalled that when he was little he liked to put faces to those guards with the help of its reflection of the glass, but now the only face that it was his back at him, serious and frowning furrowed.

The Genji vehicle stopped and waited for someone to open the door before him because he was not sure that they had arrived. But yeah. One of the gorillas of his father opened the door and closed it when it was gone. The other disponíaa do the same with him but time was not crippled or anything resembling it, and could open the door himself.

The boy looked around. There was no light coming from part of the a pair of white lights hanging from the cables and wires of a boat, for indeed they were in the dock. Hideo approached him and he asked looking at him ironically.

- Did you bring me here to kill me?

-see too many movies, boy. "I said laughing but Genji did not return a smile or" No, no. A man must accept his fate.

not had time to think in his words because he heard more doors closing and Genji realized that there was another car behind hers, but did not know if they had continued or had been there all the time hidden in the dark. Anyway it left three other people who were placed at its height. While one of them stood a few steps ahead of the other two, who were also kept behind the huge bodyguard and other old undid the buttons of his jacket. Genji kept looking at the two men, one very safe oneself with a team of subordinates willing to take a bullet for him, and one that despite not, and although he often looked back I could see was shaking as he pulled the knees.

"A man must accept his fate ? Is it going to kill you ... in front of him? He turned his head just at the time that his father carried the gun and offered.


- What? -Genji I could not believe what was happening.

"It's what you want right? Go ahead.

"But ...

" Come, show your old man than you are done. Show that you are wrong.

Genji did not know what to do, it was so unbelievable ... despite having been imagining things like this all his life, knowing what her father spent more time out surrounded by his "guards" had not put in the position of having to do it for real.

"It's an order. How do you expect to give orders if you can not get them? -Then went to his ear and said quietly so no one could hear "Those friends of yours you are very spoiled, Genji.

bite wanted and I was getting, but this time it was not a simple fight or let a fool in front of his men. They were talking about the life of a man, Genji which knew neither their existence for five minutes.

lifted his head to meet the mocking gaze of his father and quickly grabbed the gun hand and pointed to one unfortunate who did nothing but sob.

hand was sweating and could not keep still. Pressed his lips to make them a fine line not stop thinking about all who watched him at that time. He thought of the man on his knees and that his fault was extending his agony waiting for the shot once and for all. Ken imagined and recalled that, again because of him, he was in the same situation. He was alive, because his father had told him but ...

- Ken -did not realize that he had thought less masochistic voice high enough for your father to hear. Genji slowly lowered the gun while looking at the ground and his father returned to raise his arm, but to get the gun.

- See? Cold blood is needed y tú no la tienes, por mucho que quieras aparentar que sí. Eres demasiado sentimental para esto. –él mismo apuntó al hombre y apretó el gatillo antes de que Genji pudiera reaccionar o impedírselo.

Se quedó horrorizado cuando el hombre cayó hacia un lado pero empezó a moverse cuando se dio cuenta de que la bala no le había traspasado. Eran balas de fogueo, de mentira. ¿Todo había sido una broma? Aún así nadie emitió sonido alguno y el hombre se apresuró to touch the area hit by the bullet to prove false that there was no major damage. Apparently also came as a surprise to him.

-just wanted to scare you, so that they think twice before doing it again right? Hideo said coming over and helping him to his feet. Her polite smile could not be more false, as well putting on their quest to clean his jacket and dirt shoulders.

Genji turned and found head-on with all the bodyguards watching him without expression decipherable. They thought they were superior but above all carried a burden that could no longer be off and he did not. He was not a murderer.

started to get into the two vehicles being distributed in the same way as before. Hideo approached his door on the right and waited before entering Genji. But he had decided to walk home and got in way before any of the two cars start the engine.




As had left home early could afford to walk a little way to school. It was okay if he was late because no one would deny him entry but had a habit of being punctual. Hiromi would lie if say that going through the same shop every day by chance or that it took him away. It would be a lie to try to convince himself that what he did was look at the window and not just look for anything or anyone in particular.

not having much luck lately and each time Izaki-san to sitting with my legs up over some cash while reading a magazine, but this morning it was not him. At least he did not see when he looked through the glass door because he saw was his sister with the blue uniform of his school. For that matter, also lie if he thought he was wrong ...

"Good morning.

She turned and smiled, returning the greeting.

- Do not have class, Kirishima-kun?

"In a while. Veníaa take a look.

Yuri-chan nodded and continued doing what I want it to be doing before he entered. Hiromi came to a shelf and took a bottle of soda. Pretended to think if you buy or not pretended that he thought a lot while casting sidelong glances to where she was, it must be said, ignoring him a little.

- What do you think is better? Finally asked with a bottle in each hand.

The girl came up and said the right hand. He served his opinióny also learned that if I ever invite her to take something had to be non-cola and that green thing you did not know exactly what it was. At least, that day does not go to bed without learning anything new.

"Tell me, do you have any ...?

- Paso! Away I go.

He did not say anything because Izaki-san suddenly appeared with a box in her arms. Passed through the middle of those two, I was sure I did it on purpose, causing them to split up and downloaded the box on the floor, right next to it. Then he stood in the light passing from one to another until he finally told his sister he was going to be late if not out already. She said goodbye to both and Hiromi stepped up to the counter where he left some money to pay for the drink. Izaki-san put them in the register without stopping even to count them, Hiromi then went away.

When he reached the corner of hands grabbed her waist by surprise.

"Hello again.

Yuri-chan had been waiting for, something that made him feel a little tingle in the stomach. They walked together for a while in silence, until she spoke

-forgive my brother. These days he is fumes.

- Why?

She shrugged.

"It must be by some of his friends because he throws in there all day. Home to the store and home store.


had left him puzzled, because I had never seen Izaki-san really angry. Seek and find that their circle of friends was always someone who knew anything that passed through the area. Indeed, Suzuran was like an information center.

Llegaron a un punto donde la afluencia de estudiantes era mayor, pues estos iban en grupos a clase. También estaban en el punto en el que sus caminos se separaban; a Hiromi le quedaba un paseíto más hasta su instituto.

-Esto…Izaki-chan ¿podríamos salir algún día?

-¿Salir a dónde?

-Pues no sé –se pasó la mano por la nuca mirando a algún punto Infinity-anywhere.

-Mmm if I ask her out I do not expect me to choose right?

"You can decide on the fly.

"Sounds good. "Said her smile widening. Then he added - "Are not you busy?

Hiromi did not understand what he meant, but she materialized in the "issues" Suzuran that his brother brought the head many times.

-No, además los asuntos de Suzuran se quedan en Suzuran.




spent the morning reading magazines except when he had to meet someone. Just twenty minutes passed without anyone to enter as long queues formed at the counter. Sometimes I thought to call someone to help him but his pride was stronger than anything and was trying to work well and give a good deal to customers who for years had gone to buy the store from his parents to continue doing so.

One of the people who most recently saw Kirishima was lurking there. Sometimes he would talk to him

-Izaki-san can you help a little?

The boy wanted to take control of Suzuran, he knew, but never imagined it would seek advice from him.

- Why do not you go and talk to Genji?

"I did ... I said to talk to you.

Oh, ready. What a way to pass him the dead still not spoken for days, when he said those things. Genji had left the bar without saying a word and had not heard from him since. And although I missed it (it was completely understandable that you miss because they spent more time with him than with any other person, he said himself) already knew that his pride was great, and your friend too as he had not done anything close to it ... does that mean Genji not missed? Go shit right?

now as if working for him would send him to teach Kirishima rule over others, is now turned away from fighting, or is he was too busy with their own ? Pissed him so much ... and could not stop worrying about it.

But back to Suzuran student, recently spent a lot to ask for the family in general and in particular Yuri-chan. Izaki wondered why suddenly interested both long time for it if they were not going together. Would have to be vigilant and take the role of older brother rightful because he had made a habit of walking around as if nothing pretending that the landscape was the most, but é l would not be the strain.


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